Venture capital sustainability trends- Insect farming for protein.

A protein dryer, where insects are dried and turned into animal protein.
  1. Ÿnsect- A leading startup in the insect farming sector.
    Ÿnsect provides products and services that operate in the agro-food and environmental biotech industries. It uses the potential of insect nutrients and behaviors to develop novel products and services in collaboration with their clients. Since 2011, Ÿnsect has been transforming farmed insects into premium animal nutrition. They are developing innovations to farm insects at large scale and automating processes to turn insects into the highest quality raw materials for animal feed. Its unique know-how makes Ÿnsect a preferred partner among agri-food professionals, laboratories, investors, public institutions, and insect industry farmers.
  • Mealworm= 72% protein
  • - New factory- set to open in 2022 (which will be able to produce 100,000 tonnes of product a year).
  • 15 new factories by 2030
  • Currently, around 6,000 tonnes of insect protein are produced in Europe annually
  • The startup claims that several scientific studies have demonstrated that using its products in place of traditional animal proteins can improve livestock or pet health, including:
  • 34% increase in yield for rainbow trout
  • 40% mortality reduction on shrimp, as well as increases to the overall body weight
  • 25% mortality reduction for sea bass, as well as improved feed efficiency and weight gain



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Aalia Shah

Aalia Shah

LSE MSc Finance student. Interested in pioneering technologies, the VC industry. Snippets of my thoughts, along with interviews with industry leaders.